Soul Menu

Written, arranged and produced by
Mikel Rouse

“Pulsating, hypnotic, sinuous-if Steve Reich had teamed up with Deep Purple, something like Soul Menu might have been the result.”

Soul Menu was the last release of Rouse’s influential chamber group Mikel Rouse Broken Consort. In 1981, while fronting his pop band Tirez Tirez, Rouse hit upon the idea of a jazz ensemble where all the roles would be reversed. Drums and bass would follow strict metric melodies while keyboard and sax (sometimes including guitar and electronic woodwinds) would keep time. Many people consider Rouse’s recordings with Broken Consort to be one of the first instances of jazz and rock ensembles doing fully notated arrangements anticipating the arrival of Bang On A Can and other ensembles.

1. Copperhead
2. Hope Chest
3. Ranger
4. Soul Menu
5. Leading The Machine