25 Dec 2010

Mikel Rouse Fall Season Highlights

Mikel Rouse’s fall season at BAM’s Next Wave Festival concluded on December 11. See reviews HERE. Mikel’s BAM season also included a post performance Artist Conversation with Evan and Andrew Gregory of the Gregory Brothers (best known for AutoTune the News). Both visual exhibits, Passport: 30 Years Drawn on the Road and False Doors at the Margarete Roeder Gallery were extending through February 2011. The CD releases of Corner Loading (Volume 1) and Recess continue to receive press as Rouse prepares for performances of Corner Loading. And the film retrospective at New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center ran through December 15. The season ended with 3 performances of Ulysses Dove’s Vespers with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at City Center (Quorum, music by Mikel Rouse)
Photo: Evan Gregory, Sarah Gregory, Mikel Rouse, Micheal Gregory and Andrew Rose Gregory.
Backstage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music