30 May 2012

Release of First Double Album: Boost|False Doors

boost-falsedoorsMikel Rouse announces the May 1, 2012 release of his first double album, Boost|False Doors (Exit Music 1015-1016), through iTunes and all major retailers.This is the 30th release in Rouse’s prolific recording career. Boost|False Doors will be available via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, CD Connection and CD Universe and on disc through All Major Retail Stores and through Exit Music Recordings on May 1. Both CDs will be available for Pre-Order from iTunes on April 15 (to commemorate the Hedge Fund theme of Boost) .“False Doors has been described as my Buddhist record, probably because of an impression of acceptance that pervades the recording,” explains Rouse. “And Boost was about the anticipation of a loss of love through the metaphor of hedge funds and banking. The recordings are a year apart, but somehow, they seemed to become bookends, so I thought I’d release them together.”