20 Oct 2012

Mikel Rouse: Technology In Performance

Innovative composer and performer Mikel Rouse has been named the first ever Visiting Research Artist for the eDream (Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media) Institute. Rouse will be giving a public presentation on his use of technology in performance at 4 p.m. Oct. 25 in NCSA 1105. As a visiting research artist for eDream, Rouse will collaborate with eDream and Krannert Center for Performing Arts throughout the 2012-2013 academic year as he explores and defines a new work inspired by a groundbreaking computer technology demo from 1968. The new collaboration will focus on ‘The Demo’ a work inspired by a remarkable 90-minute demonstration of computing technology performed by Stanford researcher Douglas C. Engelbart on Dec. 9, 1968. This demo was the first public appearance of the computer mouse, as well as hypertext, dynamic file linking, and shared-screen collaboration. ‘The Demo’ is a composer/performer collaboration between Mikel Rouse and Ben Neill.