01 Dec 2016

Ulysses Dove’s ‘Vespers’ Set To Mikel Rouse’s ‘Quorum’

Don’t miss this new production of Ulysses Dove’s ‘Vespers’ set to Mikel Rouse’s score ‘Quorum’. Part of Alvin Ailey’s City Center season. Dates are December 17, 20, 22 and 27. Details at: Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

2016 is the 30th anniversary of this legendary collaboration. From the Alvin Ailey site: Ulysses Dove’s bold choreographic voice and daring athleticism are embodied by the phenomenal Ailey women in Vespers, a dramatic work full of raw energy and profound grace.

Inspired by Dove’s memories of his grandmother’s place of worship, this dramatic work showcases the athleticism and grace of six female dancers who are propelled by Mikel Rouse’s profound electronic score.

Like many of Dove’s works, Vespers has a stark, ferocious quality. Mikel Rouse’s percussive score matches the dancers’ insistent drive as they propel themselves across the stage between rows of straight-back chairs. The Village Voice pronounced it “an exemplary vehicle for six Ailey women, showing off their streamlined power and how coldly they can burn.”

Dove’s choreography has been a fixture in the Ailey repertory since 1980, when the former Company member staged one of his earliest ballets. “I love to expose new dancers to the genius of Dove’s work,” Associate Artistic Director Masazumi Chaya reveals. “I want each new dancer to bring this generation’s perspective to the steps. At the same time it keeps the ballet from becoming a ‘museum piece.’ There has to be life in it.”

Photo by Pierre Withholder