06 Jun 2017

Mikel Rouse Retrospective Concert at National Sawdust

On April 29, 2017 Mikel presented a retrospective concert an National Sawdust, a special performance coinciding with the April 28 release of the video album ‘Hemisphere’. You can view the video here. This solo performance revisitedRouse’s 2010 avante-roots album ‘Corner Loading’ with a fresh interpretation including ‘Memory Projections’ and special musical guests. Joining Rouse was NS curator Jeff McErlain, bringing his blues guitar skills to Rouse’s unique take on Americana. This performance was part of MR60, a year long celebration of Rouse’s career including radio broadcasts, video installations and concerts.

Hemisphere is part of an ongoing series of pieces that combine new and old work to create a new perspective on the history of the work itself. Part assemblage and part memory, images and sounds are filtered through live performance to create an alternate reality: the slipperiness of memory.