20 Nov 2017

How to Win Every Facebook Fight // Meet Me in the Middle

A war of words on Facebook threatens to tear A Nephew and An Uncle apart…until they bridge the gulf between them with song. Tag someone who YOU have unresolvable political arguments with in the comments below! Or better yet, share this video on their Facebook wall! See Video Here! Buy on iTunes Here!

Written & Directed by The Gregory Brothers

——Starring———– A Nephew – Michael Gregory, An Uncle – Mikel Rouse, Trump Loving Aunt – Bev Grant Trudeau, Loving Niece – Dana Bergwall, Redskins Fan – Juan Luis De Coss, Concerned Mother – Audrey Kerzner, Obstinate Peanut Butter Lover – Samantha Wendorf, Irascible Preserve Preferrer – Frank Mazzetti, Federal Reserve GMO Vaccine Designer #1 – Andrew Rose Gregory, Federal Reserve GMO Vaccine Designer #2 – Evan Gregory

——Our Amazing Crew————– Producer – Rebecca Lindgren, Associate Producer – Amelia Burger, YouTube Space Superstar – Taylor Gassman, Director of Photography – Steven DiCasa, 1st Assistant to Camera – Cody Buesing, Art Director – Amanda Wallace, Art Assistant – Harry Gleeman, Music Assistant – Aaron Beaumont, Costuming – Bailey Nolan, Hair and Makeup – Sophie Ono, Production Assistant – Jason Malizia, Production Assistant – Aidan McCarthy, Production Assistant – Kirsten DiVenti

Meet Me in the Middle (feat. Mikel Rouse) – Single