08 Sep 2023

Mikel Rouse Featured on the Bandcamp Daily

On September 7, 2023, Bandcamp Daily featured ‘A Guide’ to many of Rouse’s contemporary works:

It’s hard to be first, especially when your style might be too downtown for the uptown people and too uptown for the downtown ones. The subject matter—true crime, TV talk shows, movie-going, even trying to make money as an artist—should have immediate appeal but becomes powerfully poignancy through the lens of Rouse’s inherent empathy, humanity, and irony. Rouse’s music is gorgeous, fun, danceable, moving, and has a fundamental sense of decency that is unusual in itself. Avant-garde with a backbeat, experimentalism in a major key, here are the highlights of a marvelous career that deserves greater attention. Read the full article with a selective playlist HERE.