Jade Tiger


Jade TigerWritten, arranged and produced by
Mikel Rouse

“…so strong, so aggressively ebullient, that joy jumps off the record.
-Dean Suzuki, VOGUE

Jade Tiger was Mikel Rouse Broken Consort’s first chamber recording and is still admired today as one of the first records that used a rock/jazz band format to explore classical structures. In fact, Musician Magazine wrote: “…Rouse is one hell of a musician”. “I thought Rouse had to be an assured jazz composer I’d somehow never heard of, an accomplished sort who, like a great painter trying sculpture just for fun, had just discovered Steve Reich and said, “hey, I can do that”. Not that Steve Reich’s style is easy, I figured that Rouse, whoever he was, was good enough to say, “I see how that works, and I can do it myself in my own way”.

01. Jade Tiger
02. 9.7,5
03. Prime Time Out
04. Trio
05. Irving Lerner