Under The Door/Sleep

Under The Door_SleepAnother Side SIDE 8408
Written, arranged and produced by
Mikel Rouse

“…a sweeping synth/trance/dance waltz…Ballroom dancing made hip maybe?”

While living in Belgium, Rouse recorded this Tirez Tirez 12″ single for the Crepescule label. It was a productive time with the recording of Colorado Suite and the release of both Jade Tiger and Story Of The Year. Blaine Reininger makes a guest appearance on violin at the end of Under The Door. The cover painting is by Rob Shepperson, the original drummer of Tirez Tirez.

01. Under The Door
02. Sleep



Watch out
I must be dreaming
Can’t run in place no more
Dress up
A healthy offer
Some distance from the floor

Try to remember
A shadow on the wall
Skip it
Across the water
And measure where it falls

There’s a light under the door
There are things I’ll never know
Look at words watching them grow
Set my sights under the door

Loose ends
Are all I’m made of
Take metal and some steel
The man who made me
He’s throwing at the wheel

The cards
Having many faces
My hand is going blind
For sure
There’s mixed emotions
But things work out in time


A boat
Was in the water
It tried to make a turn
The waves
The waves were stronger
The waves knew so much more

The world
Is always changing
But that’s sure nothing new
Salute The man who made me
I see him changing too


Would I
Would I wanna
Would I wanna be there
Everytime I walk away I never stay

You and me
Never think about it
Never cross the line, we lie awake

Never hold on to me
Get your hopes back in line again

I close my eyes and I see my face, anyway
What a shock-a bolt from the blue and two or three
Less than, Oh, it can be a judge and jury sit
Resting on a pillow and then he will take it

Not at all
Got a fresh approach now
I only come to dance and sing

Clapped her hands
Keep the lamps burning
You put the pillow underneath my head

Sleep-come out of your sleep
The hotel’s outside-been open all night
Love-come straight from your heart
Let’s jump on the bed-let’s clear out the room

Wanna be
Wanna be on borrowed time
Good people visit me everyday

Follow me
Never wanna be there
It’s always taking up my time

Sight unseen
Why should I worry
Good people visit me everyday

Room and board
I’m in no hurry
Is check out time enough
For me

Live and learn
Got a new idea
I only come to dance and sing

Lyrics © 1983 Mikel Rouse
All rights reserved
Published by Club Soda Music (ASCAP)
Used by permission