EXITMUSIC 1015-1016
Written, arranged and produced by
Mikel Rouse
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Recorded a year apart, False Doors and Boost became companion releases due to the similar and contrasting themes represented in both recordings. False Doors has been called Rouse’s Buddhist record, probably due to the themes of acceptance and the embracing of mortality. False Doors also reunites Rouse and original Tirez Tirez drummer Rob Shepperson. It’s the first time they’ve recorded together in 25 years and they set out to continue Rouse’s recent interest in totally acoustic, non-sequenced recording. Boost continues similar themes but curiously anticipates the loss of relationships, all seen through the prism of Hedge Fund terminology. Observations of strangers and couples dating collide with the markets and reflect the constant topic of money. The record is a full on techno-sequence marvel with the unlikely combination of roots oriented steel guitar. Boost is also Rouse’s 30th release.


01. Hurdle Rate
02. Professional Smile
03. Hardwired Superstion
04. Dumb Young
05. Side Pockets
06. Orson Elvis
07. Redemption Fee
08. The Movie We’re In


01. Words Are Missing
02. Prosperity Gospel
03. Sky Sprites
04. Thumb Skills
05. Make Her Won
06. Blow Dried Bodies
07. The Next World
08. The Albany Handshake
09. God Said No
10. Homegoings
11. Face Around
12. Come From Money