A Film by Mikel Rouse

Funding represents a natural progression in my interest of not only combining music with rich media interaction, but controlling these varied elements myself from a single source: that of a completely contained media and rehearsal studio environment. In 1849 the term Gesamtkunstwerk or “total artwork” was used to describe Wagner’s approach to opera. While my work has been moving in this same “self” direction beginning with my opera trilogy, current technology and my own expertise in music composition, studio recording, film and media management allow Funding to fully realize this goal.

Funding follows five characters, Vivian, Roe, JJ, Ines and a mysterious French man through a 20 year musical memory of New York City. As people and places in their lives drift away, visual impressions meld with sound and narrative stories to reveal a complex yet moving tableau. As the characters recall their own personal histories, conflicting images reveal their past, present and future. Symbols of corporate America and its not so quiet invasion in our lives are distorted and abstracted into poetic blow ups that correspond to the ever shifting pulsations of the soundtrack. This unique juxtaposition of music, lyrics, images and narrative might rightly be called Opera Verite.

Principle Cast and Production Credits:
Produced and directed by Mikel Rouse Principle Cast: Veanne Cox, Lisa Boudreau, Mikel Rouse,
Susana Ribeiro, David Lancourt
Lighting Cameraman: Michael Powell
Production Designers: Lynn Court, Robert Franks
Editor Mikel Rouse
Costume Designer: Barbara Allen
Wardrobe Mistress: Nancy Hanks
Hair by: Warren Ray
Make-Up: Brian McCay
Sound Recordist: Ed Warden
Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Kands
Re-Recording Mixer: Mikel Rouse

Production Manager: Marge Angles
Script Supervisor: Anna Thompson
Assistant to Mikel Rouse: Todd Previn
First Assistant Director: Lisa Thorwal
Second Assistant Director: Andy Clay
Location Research: George Hattis
Art Director: William Bore
Assistant Editor: Joe Rause
Assistant Sound Editor: Rema Williams
Sequence Trimmer: Steven Kendal
Cycle Supervisor: Rob Shamen
Camera Operator: Michael Powell
Second Camera: Lisa Freemont
Assistant Cameraman: Christina Buransk
Video Co-Ordinator: Marc Display
Video Assistant: Tony Dansk
Gaffers: Justin Avery, Nick Fredericks, Sy Collings
Best Boy: John Bourgious
Electrician: Stuart Falco

Choreographer: Lisa Boudreau
Recording Producer: Mikel Rouse
Vocals and Keyboards: Mikel Rouse
Woodwinds: Dale Kleps
Strings: Mary Rowell
Production Co-Ordinator: Clair Seaton
Catering: Zuny
Secretary: Larry Givens
Computer Assistant: Alan Fletcher
Translators: Mark Lambert, David Pini, Susana Ribeiro
Accounting: Rachel Ward
Managing Agent: Michael Mushalla
Titles: M&R, NYC
Post Production: EXITMUSIC Studios
Edited in Final Cut Pro