12 Jul 2013

The Demo: July 2013 workshop at the Collapsable Hole

Mikel Rouse and Ben Neill, collaborators on The Demo, a new music/media/ hybrid, will assemble the creative team of Jeff Sugg, Jim Findley and Bob McGrath at the Collapsable Hole in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a two-week workshop.

The Demo is a music theater work written by composer/performers Mikel Rouse and Ben Neill based on Douglas Engelbart’s historic 1968 demonstration of early computer technology. Engelbart’s 1968 demo rolled out virtually everything that would define modern computing; videoconferencing, hyperlinks, networked collaboration, digital text editing, and something called a “mouse.” Directed by Bob McGrath, The Demo re-imagines Engelbart’s historic demonstration as a technologically-infused music theater piece, a new form of hybrid performance.

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Demo Video Promo

Says Time Out NY: The extra-funky Williamsburg performance groups Collapsable Giraffe and Radiohole share this comfortable, minuscule converted garage. During most of the year, its cozy, wooden confines are full of rehearsals and in-development work by experimenters like Iver Findlay and Eric Dyer, but every now and then, the unsuspecting theatergoer will be beckoned into its depths, handed a Pabst Blue Ribbon and totally blown away.

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